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10.5 x 6.7 cm
6.7 cm high

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The Chapel Ruin Finds Its Place High up on the Mountain

The “Chapel Ruin” made of structured hard foam is ideal for designing scenic surroundings in even more detail. Because it has been recreated so realistically you can hardly tell the difference from the real thing. The “Chapel Ruin” can be placed on a customised landscape. Whether it’s high up on the mountaintop, where hikers take a well-deserved break, or down in the valley as a great sightseeing attraction, the ruin is a real eyecatcher on any model layout, as the mediaeval walls are perfectly recreated.

We are delighted that Manfred Luft has created two more wonderful models for us.

Both models are made of our well-known high-quality NOCH Structured Hard Foam and are elaborately handpainted.

Anyone who thinks of plaster models thinks of Modellbau Luft. Manfred Luft is a plaster artist who always provides high-quality models with gusto. For 28 years, his studio has been producing small buildings series, custom-made models and master patterns for companies and end consumers. Crooked huts, old cottages, decaying castles and stalactite caves are mainly crafted by hand.

Visit the Modellbau Luft website and let yourself be inspired by the variety of models made by this extraordinary artist

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