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Small, Detailed Plants for Even More Realism

The NOCH “Fern” is ideal for drawing even more attention to landscapes with realistic plants. Ferns grow in wild fields, along streams, natural lakes, quarry ponds, rivers and many other places in our countryside. Of course, this small plant should not be missing from any model landscape. Place this filigree laser-cut plant on your model landscape and thus lend every design even more realism.

NOCH Laser-Cut minis are a series with small and realistic laser-cut kits and laser-cut plants. The extremely filigree miniature plants are laser-cut from sturdy, multicoloured, printed special paper.

Readers of Eisenbahn Magazin (a German model railway magazine) named this innovation Model of the Year in 2009. Since then, we have developed the Laser-Cut minis further and made them even more delicate, so the finest details and structures are visible. Due to the special paper’s complex formula, they are extremely stable and malleable at the same time. In addition, they do without the artificial shine of plastic products. It doesn’t get more natural than this!
The Laser-Cut minis kits are highly detailed models at a low price. These pretty little motifs liven up any scenery and certainly have a place on every layout.

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    • The Laser-Cut minis are shaped by hand and fixed in the model landscape with a drop of commercially available glue.

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